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Saturday, August 13, 2016

The Best PokeAdvisor Alternatives For Pokemon Go

Pokevision-alternativesListen-up, Pokemon Go fans! You’re going to want to listen, and listen good! PokeAdvisor, the very popular app that was used to track all kinds of Pokemon Go-related things such as number of Poke Balls thrown, their overall catch rate, number of Pokemon encounters, IV calculator, and more, has been killed by the folks over at Niantic and Nintendo.
Clearly, the two companies did not believe that PokeAdvisor was something they wanted to be used, and now it’s simply not able to connect to the game at all, which is a shame. It’s okay, though, because we know of some alternatives that promise to give a similar experience while still, you know, working. Let’s have a look.

The Silph Road’s Pokemon Go Tools
Created by The Silph Road, which defines itself as a “grassroots network of Pokémon Go trainers,” this comprehensive list of Pokemon is one that can be found over at thesilphroad.com/research. More than just a list, though, the data also includes detailed species stats for each of the game’s 151 Pokemon as well as other basic characteristics. The Silph Road’s Pokemon Go Tools is well worth checking out as a viable alternative to PokeAdvisor tool, especially for those looking to spend hours at Gyms, duking it out with other players’ top Pokemon.
For more details on the sheet, check out our post on it here: Pokemon Go Cheat Sheet: Species Stats For All 151 Pokemon In The Game.
8-in-1 Poke Assistant
With not one but eight tools rolled into one, Poke Assistant will help new and existing gamers get a handle on what is needed in order to be a successful Pokemon Go player. Stats and tips on which Pokemon are better equipped for use in specific situations are all the rage with Poke Assistant, and you can’t really go wrong with it.
Check out our post on Poke Assistant here: Poké Assistant Features Eight-In-One Pokemon Go Tools To Help You Catch ‘Em All.
Blossom’s Pokemon Go Manager
This amazing tool lets you log into your Pokemon Go account, search through and sort all your Pokemon by their strengths and weaknesses, and even evolve or transfer them in bulk! Pokemon Go Manager is still in beta form, but that just means it has room to breathe!
Pokemon Go Manager
You can download the tool from its GitHub page.
Pokemon Go Nexus
The Pokemon Go Nexus website is probably best placed to describe what it does:
Pokemon Go Nexus is a tool to help you determine which Pokemon to evolve, and which to grind into candy!
You’ll find Pokemon Go Nexus over at pgnexus.gg.
Pokemon Go shows few signs of going away any time soon, so it’s best to make sure you have all the tools required in order to succeed. With some of the options above, we reckon you’ll be just fine.
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Poké Assistant Features Eight-In-One Pokemon Go Tools To Help You Catch ‘Em All

If you haven’t already received the memo, Pokémon Go is here to stay and it’s taking over the real and digital world. You may be a casual Pokémon Go gamer who likes to dive in and out of the augmented reality experience, or, like a lot of people globally, you could be wholeheartedly dedicated to exploring the real-world in the hope of catching the rarest and most uncommon Pokémon out there.
Regardless of your dedication and addiction levels, the chances are that you would become a better Pokémon catcher if you made use of the new Poké Assistant website.

We’ve already seen a number of apps pop up on the App Store that offer functionality such as crowdsourced location maps of the rarest and most uncommon Pokémon, as well as showing where local PokéStops and Gyms are hiding. Those services are all well and good, but they don’t really give you the knowledge and insight that you need to flourish in the competitive world of Pokémon Go.
That’s where Poké Assistant steps in, by providing eight built-in tools all-in-one that are designed to help Pokémon Go Trainers play, evolve and battle to the top at the best of their abilities. Not only will Poké Assistant make you think about how you play Pokémon Go, but it should also leave you as a better player and give you a better insight into some of the things that you weren’t aware of, or hadn’t actually stopped to consider.
As an example, the Best Attackers feature will provide you with the necessary information to better determine the type of Pokémon to use to attack other mythical creatures. Conversely, the Best Defenders tool will drop knowledge bombs on you that will leave you being better prepared to protect a Gym should you be victorious in battle.
Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 2.49.49 AM
If you are strong enough to take over a local Gym, then with the help of Poké Assistant, you should have the tools needed to actually protect it for as long as possible. The website also contains other battle related features, such as outlining every move in the game sorted by Damage per Second, informing users which moves are the best to have to inflict the most damage when battling. The tool also assists in getting rid of those thousands of Pidgey in the most effective way to maximize Lucky Egg usage for maximum XP.
There’s a lot more that the website has to offer, including IV Calculator and Evolve Calculator, and each tool carries a description of what it has to offer, so you can quickly find the type of assistance you’re looking for. Perhaps what is even more awesome is the fact that the website has been optimized for mobiles and tablets, given you access to this wonderful offering on the go.
Check it out for yourself by heading over to pokeassistant.com on your computer or mobile browser.
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Pokemon Go Cheat Sheet: Species Stats For All 151 Pokemon In The Game

Pokémon Go is, without a doubt, the hottest mobile game out there right now. In fact, numbers and media attention would suggest it has, if I may use a Pokémon reference, evolved past that to become an international phenomenon.
The game, which is currently available on both iOS and Android, became the biggest mobile game in US history within a few days following its release, with statistics quoting 21 million active users, a number that likely continued to grow by leaps and bounds.

In its early days, the game was all everyone on the web ever talked about. Even now, the coverage may have slowed down somewhat, but the hype is very much alive. I might not know any hardcore fans of the game, but every friend of mine, regardless of age, is either playing the game or knows about it. If the same holds true for you and you have yet to hop onto the Pokémon Go bandwagon, you might now be considering it.
To the newbie, the game can be a tad daunting, with a roster of 151 Pokémon and several under-explained game elements. It is only natural to want something to help you get started. For those who are just looking for a detailed introduction to the franchise’s many pocketable monsters, there is a complete list of every Pokémon in the game over at thesilphroad.com/research, complete with species stats. These stats define the type, height and weight of each Pokémon along with their attack, defense and stamina ratings.
The list, which can be sorted by each individual statistic or based on the best combined stats, should prove to be useful for both new players looking to get an idea of how boss a collection of Pokémon they have in their personal roster, and veterans who have their Pokémon hit the Gym on a daily basis. It comes from The Silph Road, which defines itself as a “grassroots network of Pokémon Go trainers” geared towards facilitating the trade of rare Pokémon.
I guess I should thank them. I now know Mewtwo is the most powerful Pokémon out there.
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The Best Jailbreak Themes For iOS 9.3.3 [WinterBoard & Anemone]

ios-9.3.3-themes b
If you happen to be running a jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, then the chances are that you have dabbled into theming that device with one of the many fantastic themes available via an array of repositories. The entire purpose of jailbreaking an iOS device for some is to change that stock look and to change things up as per preference, and occasionally change it up again.
Having a plethora of themes is simply brilliant but there are just so many, that there’s a great chance that you haven’t managed to find the right theme for your device just yet, or have been put off by the thousands of amateur, slapdash pieces of work that are out there. Thankfully, we are going to run you through some of the most comprehensive and professional themes that are compatible to work with iOS 9 – iOS 9.3.3.

It’s important to note that this list does not necessary mention some of the more well known options, such as Ayeris and Muze 2, as we already covered them last year when iOS 9 jailbreak was first released. . This list instead focuses on some of the more underrated themes that are now updated to work with iOS 9.3.3.
Seasoned jailbreakers would already be aware of this one critical requirement, but just in case you’re new to this, you will need to have either WinterBoard or Anemone installed from Cydia on your jailbroken device in order to get these themes to work. All themes listed here support both the theming platforms. Personally, we prefer Anemone as it’s light on resources.
So without further ado, here are the hottest iOS 9.3.3 compatible themes for Anemone and WinterBoard that can be grabbed from Cydia right now.
A simply beautiful and elegant theme that takes its inspiration from the transition colors of a flower. This may be a gradient-based theme, but is nothing like you’ve seen before. It can be downloaded from the ZodTTD & MacCiti repository on Cydia and is entirely free-of-charge.
Indigo is one of the most complete themes out there, and therefore commands a $2.49 commercial price-tag on the ZodTTD & MacCiti repository in Cydia. The install comes with more than 180 individually crafted icons, as well as 20-plus alternative icons. There are also preference icons, status bar themes, and two different Control Center options to choose from.
Ace El Cap
If you love OS X El Capitan and everything that it stands for from a visual perspective, then you’ll likely want to experience Ace El Cap on your jailbroken iOS device. There are over  250 custom app icons, preferences icons, and even an El Capitan boot logo built for iOS 9. A $1.99 download from the ZodTTD & MacCiti repository.
Jelly 3
The third iteration of the Jelly theme is here, and trust us, it’s a good one. Jelly 3 offers 400-plus white and normal colored glyphs, as well as 3 different icon styles to suit all tastes. There are lock sounds, Messages UI, and much, much more. All of this for free directly from the artist’s repository: donisign.yourepo.com/.
Kecil is an extensive, and unbelievably eye-pleasing piece of work. The download is entirely free-of-charge and comes with three versions of each individual theme, which in turn includes over 60 themed icons. You can grab Kecil for free from the artist’s repository: colbyroark.yourepo.com/.
This is the true definition of a minimalist, pastel-themed piece of work. There are over 140 icons, 2 icon masks, a Control Center theme, as well as a status bar theme and much more. Pebbli is a commercial package, available for $1.50 from the ZodTTD & MacCiti repository.
veex theme
To say this theme is professional and stunning isn’t really coming anywhere close to doing it justice. This is just pure simplicity and beauty. There are a staggering 700 icons that simply take the elegance of an iOS device and enhance it further. A commercial purchase, and rightly so, for $2.49 from ZodTTD & MacCiti.
Enlightened is an entirely new glyph-based theme for iOS 9. The theme features folder icons, UI-style badges, and a dark and light theme for both moods. Free-of-charge download from ZodTTD & MacCiti repo on Cydia.
Primo Glyph
Primo is this particular artist’s first ever icon-based theme that includes 3 icon sets, 10 variants of badge style, and more than 400 individual icons created for each set that the theme ships with. Free-of-charge from the repository: repo.xarold.com/pack/primoglyph.
Murk 2
This a beautiful theme for those iOS device owners who prefer to have their devices live on the dark side. There are 220 icons, a stunning Control Center UI, as well as keyboard sounds and two different mask themes. A $2.49 purchase from ZodTTD & MacCiti, or free for those who purchased the original Murk theme.
That’s about it, well for now at least. If you have know of any new and exciting iOS 9.3.3 compatible themes, do let us know in the comments section below.
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How To Jailbreak iOS 9.3.3 On iPhone 6s, 6, 6s Plus, 6 Plus, 5s, iPad, More [Tutorial]

Compatible iOS devices:
  • iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE
  • iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 4, iPad Air 1, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro (both models)
  • iPod touch 6
Compatible firmware versions:
  • iOS 9.2, iOS 9.2.1
  • iOS 9.3, iOS 9.3.1, iOS 9.3.2, iOS 9.3.3
  • Make sure that you have performed a full backup of the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch device, and that all data is secured to iTunes or iCloud.
  • Disable/remove passcode, Touch ID, and Find My iPhone before running the jailbreak.
  • iOS 9.2-9.3.3 running on your compatible 64-bit device, as outlined above. We recommend updating to iOS 9.3.3. You can grab iOS 9.3.3 file from here: Download iOS 9.3.3 IPSW For iPhone And iPad [Final Version].
  • The latest version of iTunes running on your Windows PC.
  • Jailbreak tool, which you can get from here: Download Pangu iOS 9.3.3 / 9.3.2 Jailbreak For Windows.

Before we begin, it’s important to note that the instructions below are for Chinese version of the jailbreak as the English version of the tool is not out yet but is expected to drop very soon. We will update the post once the English version is out.

Step 1: Connect your iOS device to your computer.
Step 2: Once you have downloaded the jailbreak tool from the link given above, launch it as administrator on Windows by right clicking on the file and then clicking on Run as administrator.
Step 3: Now click on the button which has some Chinese text on it. This will install PP Helper 5.0.

 Step 4: You should now have PP Helper 5.0 shortcut on the desktop. Right click on it and then click on Run as administrator. Once it’s launched, click the big green button with some Chinese text on it to begin the jailbreak process.

 Step 5: After a short while, you will get a captcha screen on the tool. Enter the catcha letters and wait for at least a couple of minutes as the tool will now start installing a profile on your device. The tool at this point may also require you to enter your Apple ID and password. While Pangu says it doesnt store any of this information and simply uses your Apple ID and password to sign the PP app it’s going to install on your device for jailbreaking, we still recommend signing up for a spare Apple ID from appleid.apple.com and using that in this step rather than your main Apple ID.

Step 6: An app called PP will start installing on your device now. Once installed, in order to run it, you need to first head to Settings > General > Device Management (on iOS 9.3.3) or Settings > General > Profile (on iOS 9.3.2 and below) and then trust the developer.
Step 7: Once done, open this PP app and accept the prompt for push notifications.
Step 8: Now tap on the big circle in the center, and wait for PP app to install Cydia. Hit the sleep/power button to manually lock your device. You will soon get a notification in Chinese saying that your device has been successfully jailbroken.

 Step 9: At this point, simply unlock the device and you’ll be in PP. It will start preparing environment for Cydia. Once done, the device will reboot automatically and you should have Cydia installed on your now jailbroken device.

As mentioned earlier, this is a semi-untethered/tethered jailbreak which means every time the device reboots, you will have to re-jailbreak of sorts to get the device back into jailbroken state. Fortunately, this doesn’t mean you need to go through the whole process through your computer again. You don’t have to reinstall the jailbreak tweaks, settings or Cydia either. All you need to do after every reboot is to run the PP app from the home screen on your device and tap that large circle button to get back into jailbroken state again within no time.
And there you have it. Out of the blue, literally form nowhere, a working and very simple way to jailbreak compatible iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Devices.
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Kegiatan Rio Haryanto Setelah Tak Lagi Jadi Pembalap Utama Manor

Walaupun sudah tak lagi jadi pebalap utama Manor Racing pada paruh kedua F1 2016, aktivitas Rio Haryanto akan tetap padat. Maka dari itu, jeda libur musim panas benar-benar dimanfaatkan oleh pebalap kebanggaan Indonesia itu untuk refreshing.
Kontrak Rio sudah resmi diputus oleh Manor pada pertengahan pekan lalu karena tidak mampu membayar sisa dana untuk membalap selama semusim penuh. Sungguh sangat disayangkan. Posisi pebalap berusia 23 tahun itu digantikan pebalap akademi Mercedes, Esteban Ocon.

Meskipun begitu Manor memberi kesempatan kepada Rio untuk tetap berada di lingkungan F1 dengan peran baru sebagai pebalap cadangan. Tawaran Manor itu akhirnya diterima Rio.
Sebagai pebalap cadangan, Rio harus tetap hadir pada setiap seri balapan. Dia akan mengikuti setiap diskusi teknis tim Manor dan harus selalu siap turun lintasan jika salah satu pebalap utama Manor berhalangan tampil.
Saat ini, F1 2016 sedang memasuki libur musim panas selama hampir empat pekan. Seluruh pebalap, termasuk Rio, bisa bersantai sejenak dan melemaskan otot - otot yang tengang setelah menjalani paruh pertama musim yang berat.
"Seperti pebalap lain, saya juga akan menikmati libur musim panas ini. Masih ada sekitar dua pekan lagi sebelum seri pertama paruh kedua musim di Belgia. Saya akan memanfaatkan waktu yang ada buat menyegarkan diri," kata Rio dalam konferensi pers bersama PT. Pertamina di Tangerang, Banten, Sabtu (13/8/2016).
Rio mengaku hanya akan berlibur di Tanah Air. Maklum, pebalap asal Solo, Jawa Tengah, itu selama ini lebih sering berada di luar negeri untuk balapan. Dia pun rindu dengan kampung halaman.
"Saya liburan di Indonesia saja. Kapan lagi saya bisa menghabiskan waktu bersama keluarga," ujar Rio.
Meski sedang libur, Rio tetap latihan. Dia harus menjaga kondisi fisik agar tetap bugar.
"Latihan harus jalan terus. Terutama latihan fisik untuk menjaga stamina. Saya juga akan berlatih dengan simulator. Kebetulan saya punya simulator mini di rumah," tutur Rio Haryanto.

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Friday, August 12, 2016

Makin Leluasa SMSan Dengan Dia, Meskipun Gak Punya Pulsa !!


Pengguna XL mana suaranyaaaa???!!!!


Pengguna AXIS mana suaranyaaa???!!!!


Waaaaaah berasa ada di film 300 aja nih !!! This is SPARTAAAAAAN !!!! wkwkwkkwwkwk

Sungguh Kabar Gembira nih buat para Pengguna Provider XL dan AXIS !! WOW !! Loh, Kenapa Gembira? Emang XL dan AXIS lagi bagi-bagi pulsa? Gaaaak deeeeeng !
Justru ini lebih menggembirakan lagi, XL dan Axis bisa bikin pahala kita Nambah Loh ! Seriusaaaan !
Kalian tau kan kalo untuk pengguna XL dan AXIS itu bisa bagi-bagi pulsa antar pengguna XL dan AXIS.
Menurut Kalian fitur BAGI PULSA penting gak? Kalo menurut gue sendiri sih itu berguna banget, bisa kasih pulsa ke temen, ke pacar, adik, kakak, ataupun ke orang terdeket lainnya.

NAH !!!!
Sekarang ada lagi Fitur Baru di XL yang namanya TRAKTIR SMS !!!
Maksudnya apa tuh? dari namanya aja udah Traktir nih, pasti sering denger kan Traktir itu apa ? apalagi kalo lagi ulang tahun , beeeeeeuuuh banyak banget deh pasti yang minta Traktir, Bener gak? HAHAHA...
Oke Langsung ke intinya aja deh,
TRAKTIR SMS ini adalah Fitur dimana Kalian bisa Bayarin temen buat SMS-an sama Kalian, Ataupun sebaliknya , Kalian yang minta Bayarin !!!
Cocok lah buat Kaum Dermawan dan Kaum Dhuafa wkwkwkkwkwk....

Udah ada yang tau Belom Cara Pake nya gimana?
Nih disini bakalan gue Kupas Tuntas dari mulai Tarif Harganya, Cara Daftar buat Mentraktir Temen , Cara Request Minta dibayarin, Sampe Cara Pakenya.

Pertama kita Mulai dari Tarif Harganya dulu ya..

Price (Include. PPN)
Traktir SMS ON Demand
Rp 1500/10 SMS
Traktir SMS Paket 1500
Rp 1500/10 SMS/3 Hari
Traktir SMS Paket 15000
Rp 15000/100 SMS/30 Hari

Nah Itu dia tabelnya, bagi yang bingung apa itu ON Demand , biar gue jelasin..

On Demand itu adalah atas permintaan, atau by Request , yang maksudnya adalah On Demand ini Layanan yang disediakan Untuk Kaum Dhuafa alias Kaum yang Gak punya Pulsa alias Fakir Pulsa, Buat minta dibayarin SMSan sama Temen.
Trus yang bayar siapa untuk On Demand ini? Ya Jelas yang bayar temen Kamu, Kamu Cukup Request Ke Temen kamu buat Bayarin SMS Kamu sama Dia, Kalo dia Setuju , Dia Bayar deh tuh 1500, Trus Kamu bisa SMSan sama Dia Gratis Sampe Kuota SMS nya Abis.

Kalo yang Paket 1500 itu apa?

Oke, Paket 1500 itu ditujukan buat Para Dermawan Pulsa, yang rela buat bayarin Temen, adik, Kakak, Pacar, gebetan, dan lain lain deh semuanya enyak, Babe, Encang, Encing, Engkong bisa dibayarin.

Paket 15000?

Omaygoooot tong, kalo sampe gak paham juga wkwkwkkw , ya sama aja kayak Paket 1500 , bedanya yang 15,000 itu Kuota SMS nya 100 SMS, dan Masa Aktifnya sampe 30 Hari.

Nah Udah Jelas kan ?

Sekarang Kita Masuk ke CARA REGISTRASI !!! 

 CUSSS Langsung liat Tabelnya aja !

Cara Registrasi
Registrasi On Demand
Tambah[SPASI]NOMOR_TUJUAN kirim ke 7678
Registrasi Paket 1500
PAKET[SPASI]1500 Kirim ke 7678
Registrasi Paket 15000
PAKET[SPASI]15000 Kirim ke 7678

atau *123*580#

·         Pelanggan berlanggan melalui UMB *123*580# atau Via SMS kirim ke 7678
·         User yang ingin membayarkan biaya SMS Teman bisa menggunakan Paket 1500 atau Paket 15000
·         User yang ingin dibayarkan biaya SMSnya oleh teman bisa merequest terlebih dahulu melalui UMB *123*580*1# kemudian masukan Nomor Handphone Tujuan, Atau Dengan SMS Format Tambah[SPASI]MSISDN kirim ke 7678
·         User yang sudah Merequest untuk dibayarkan harus menunggu konfirmasi dari nomor tujuan terlebih dahulu, Jika nomor tujuan telah setuju dengan membayarkan Rp.1500/10 SMS maka User bisa menggunakan Layanan ini selama Kuota masih ada.
·         Layanan On Demand tidak memiliki batas Waktu, User bisa menggunakan Layanan ini Selama Kuota SMS masih ada.
·         User yang dibayarkan harus menggunakan Format SMS Traktir SMS[SPASI]PESAN kirim ke Nomor Tujuan
·         User dapat mengecek Kuota SMS lewat UMB *123*580#

Nah ditabel itu masing masing ada 2 cara Buat Request On Demand Atau Registrasi Paket , Bisa Lewat UMB ya itu yang mencet *123*580# ataupun SMS ke 7678.

Gampang kan?
Iyalah Gampang, Kalo Masih bingung juga, nih gue kasih Kalian intip Mekanisme dari registrasi sampe ke penggunaan lewat SMS,


PAKET 1500

Nah Udah Jelas Bukan?
Belom? Mau Tanya Gimana Cara daftar Paket Yang 15,000 ??
Sama aja kok Mekanisme nya, Cuma Keyword buat daftarnya aja 1500 diganti jadi 15000

Denga adanya TRAKTIR SMS Sekarang kalian para pengguna XL dan AXIS gak Perlu bingung lagi !
Inget !


please share info ini ya, Thank you ^^

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