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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sunflowers is a Strong Evidence on which Samsung Trace Apple?

Application Photos are used to looking at the photos on the iPhone icon image is represented by a yellow sunflowers with stems and green leaves and blue sky background form.

Although simple, this iconic image may be a key element in a patent dispute Apple versus Samsung.

Last week in court San Jose, United States, Apple accused Samsung has copied designs on the iPhone icon.

Cupertino based company calls the icon designer Susan Kare to testify. Apple paid Kare of 80,000 U.S. dollars, or approximately USD 760 million to testify is a leading designer, among others, have designed a form of icons on the first Mac computer and the card design in the game Solitaire on Windows.

There are a number of icons that Apple has allegedly copied outright by Samsung, including application icon Photos, Messages, Notes, Contacts, Settings, and iTunes.

The document contains an explanation resemblance to the iPhone interface (patent D'305) and the Samsung Fascinate smartphone (image: www.theverge.com)
Pictures of some application icons can be regarded as a universal symbol, such as a picture overdrive on the icon "Settings", and a book on the phone icon "Contacts".

However, it may not apply to the display icon "Photos" in the form of sunflower.

Why sunflower? The explanation, Susan Kere said that "Flowers symbolize photos, but do not represent the form of a printed photo or digital photo. Photograph represents is a generic picture, without regard to any camera or other photographic products.

Sunflower is a non-controversial subjects are not specific, not like the picture of a place or a person's photo.
"The background of the blue is a general symbol of optimism, which also represents a clear day from the iconic Weather."

According to Curry, the image icon in the form of sunflower is something that comes out of nowhere. Apple could choose to represent any object in iPhone photos, but eventually took the sunflower because it is considered "non-threatening, non-specific, and can be instantly recognizable as an icon representing the photograph".

In court documents, sunflower iconic images in question include Apple because Samsung chose the same image, the yellow sunflowers with green leaf-on application "Gallery" on the cell phone that has a function similar to the "Photos".

However, Samsung's sunflower pictures were apparently taken from a distance of "close up".

By convey testimony Kare, Apple hopes to convince a jury that actually copied Samsung icons designed by Apple as the Korean manufacturer will still choose sunflowers, although can take other objects or other types of flowers for an icon image "Gallery".

Samsung option, according to Apple, has shown that his opponent had been clearly and directly copying Apple's iconic design follows a number of other icons.


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