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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Win, Apple Could Block Samsung's Product

After the verdict led to a call that Samsung should pay damages of more than 1 billion U.S. dollars, or around Rp 9.5 trillion to Apple, the drama of the two electronics giants patent conflict continues.

Friday (24/08/2012) , so the jury is complete submit corrections to some of the points that are considered preliminary findings are inconsistent, Judge Lucy Koh in San Jose Court, the United States, set 20 September as the date for the initial trial hearing (hearing) to result in a court order or injunction.

Powered by the jury's verdict in court, Apple is expected to sue Samsung in order to license the patents were violated or block sales of Samsung products with content that violates the patent. Two possibilities will result in bigger losses for Samsung beyond compensation to be paid to Apple.

Judge Koh asked Apple filed to file a hearing on 29 August, while the answer from Samsung is scheduled to follow two weeks after that. Then, Apple was given two days to prepare a response to answer these Samsung.

Late July, Apple had successfully won a court injunction to block sales of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphone. Samsung when it immediately appealed.

Apple's victory in court has catapulted the company's stock, which had touched 675 dollars per share in after-hours trading on the Friday (24/08/2012).

Compensation value of 1 billion U.S. dollars to be paid by Samsung is smaller than Apple's initial demand of 2.5 billion U.S. dollars. The jury renders a number of charges following claims Apple accuses Samsung behind Apple has violated several of his patents.


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